Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the BRIPoin website. Bank BRI has prepared several terms of use to ensure that this website has a use-value, provides satisfaction and it is safe for all parties. Bank BRI has the right to change the guidelines and disclaimers at any time. You are advised to read this privacy policy carefully before using this website, and you agree that on every visit to the BRIPoin website, you are subject to the guidelines for using this website.

1. Privacy Policy

Bank BRI does not sell, exchange or display any information relating to customers or visitors to the BRIPoin website.

Bank BRI does not track visitors to the BRIPoin site, this website uses cookies.

All your point exchange transactions and other information are kept confidential under applicable legal provisions in Indonesia and BRI's internal policies.

2. Security

Security System

BRI uses 2 (two) layers of security system to protect your access and transactions at, namely:

  • Secure Socket Layer ("SSL")
    SSL is a security technology that scrambles / paths between computers so it cannot be read by other parties.
  • User ID and Password for users of the site due to the large variety of internet browsers available, it is difficult to provide services that follow the security of each browser. At present BRI only provides facilities for which are more suitable to be accessed by using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10 and above, Mozilla Firefox version 2.0.0 and above or Safari version 4.0.3 and above. BRI apologizes for the inconvenience.
Communication Protection Site

BRI uses 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to protect communication between your computer and the BRI server as long as you access
To ensure communication protection while you access, you can do the following:

  • Check SSL certificates regularly to ensure that you receive a valid SSL certificate that has been registered for
  • If you receive a message explaining that the certificate is invalid, please do not continue to access
  • Make sure that you have typed the correct address,
  • Ensure that your browser has a lock / key image that indicates that the page you are currently accessing is encrypted using SSL. If you do not see a picture of a lock/key, please do not exchange data on personal information.
  • You should not access on a network that is uncertain about its security.
BRIPoin site

On the BRIPoin site, BRI provides a URL link to another site that is not controlled by BRI. BRI is not responsible for this and the security of the site. If you access the site, please check their privacy and security policies.

In case you access the site through a URL link from another site, make sure the correct address that you access is

BRI can change this privacy and security information policy at any time to keep it in tune with the latest situation and technology. You can always review BRIs latest information and privacy policy at